Cedric of Aymerstone

charismatischer Barde

Year Born: 980 Hair: chestnut Gender: male Nationality: Saxon Confidence Score: 2
Age: 25 Eyes: hazel Handedness: right Place of Birth: Derbyshire Confidence Points: 5
Characteristics Abk. Description Score
Intelligence Int +1
Perception Per +1
Strength Str -1
Stamina Sta -1
Presence Pre +2
Communication Com +3
Dexterity Dex +1
Quickness Qik 0
Virtues Flaws
Enchanting Music (can instil emotions & belief in listeners) Major Story Flaw: Black Sheep
Free Expression (+3 to newly created art) Major Personality Flaw: Compassionate
Inspirational (+3 to urge people to great efforts) Minor Personality Flaw: Lecherous
Learn Music from mistakes (XP bei Botch) Minor Personality Flaw: Weakness (pretty women)
Self-Confident (5 Confidence Points) Minor Personality Flaw: Driven
Well-Traveled Minor Personality Flaw: Nocturnal
Social Contacts
Venus’ Blessing (+3 to Com & Pre w/ other sex)
Improved Characteristics
Personality Traits Description Score


Exp Ability Specialty Score
Language English 5
Language Latin 1
Language Gälisch 1
Music 5
Enchanting Music 3
Charm 4
Folk Ken 3
Area Lore Derbyshire 3
Guile 2
Awareness 2
Athletics 2
Survival City 1
Brawl 2
Ride 2
Bargain 1
Artes Liberales 1

Cedric of Aymerstone

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